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Four dimensions in a relationship

Four dimensions in a relationship

As human beings, we thrive on our relationships – relationships with family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, the society in general, even with animals, like our pets for instance. When we have good relationships with others we feel joyful, enthusiastic about meeting people, confident and positive and it reflects in our body language and our whole personality. These days there are so many colleges and institutes that train people in relationship development and management. Such courses prove to be really helpful in public relations. However, nobody can teach anybody how to develop and manage personal relations; that is the art of heart and soul. Nobody can tell why some close relationships last forever, while some do not.

One of my friend’s five years long relationship recently came to an end after the guy decided to marry a girl of his family’s choice. My friend was obviously devastated and asked me “why did he go away like that? I thought things would work out between us. Why did he leave?”

Every relationship comes with 4 things –

One, Karmic influence from the past – our past Karmas play a huge role in defining our relationships with others.

Second, an expiry date – every relation has a time limit attached to it. When the time comes for it to end, it will end.

Third, free will of the people involved – every person involved in any relationship has the choice and free will to leave or to stay. As individuals we have the right and freedom to choose what we want and do not want.

And lastly, purpose – behind every relationship there is a purpose. When the purpose, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, gets fulfilled, the individuals involved in the relationship may choose to leave or stay.

No one can force or decide for anyone to stay in a relationship beyond Karmic influence or fulfilment of Karmic debts, beyond the time limit of the relationship, beyond the choice and free will of any person, or once the purpose is accomplished. But, with Hypnotherapy, one can improve the quality of a relationship, for as long as it has to be, by simply getting in touch with the love and goodness they have in themselves. The vibrations and energies of love and goodness always spread and have the power to attract more love and goodness. With Hypnotherapy one can even gain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strength to positively cope and deal with relationships that have ended, by getting a deeper and mature understanding of the cause, and become happier, wiser and more realized.

Build a stronger and better relationship with yourself, to build a stronger and better relationship with the world… try Hypnotherapy today!


Written by:

Swasti S Sharma, CMS-CHt FIBH (USA)

Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist

Certified Past Life Regression Therapist


Cell: (+91)7042321200