Alvida Depression

Alvida Depression (Full Video)

People often complain that they are depressed, OR they are feeling sad and stressed. It is important to understand depression, anxiety and stress and as well emotions responsible for sadness. It’s also important to differentiate  between all these feelings. Depression may also be the root cause of many types of body pains.

At Life Care Centre, DGF (Delhi Gynecologist Forum) and WOW (Well Being of Women) India organized a workshop to address this issue.

In this video, Swasti Shree Sharma, CMS-CHt FIBH (USA) ( Past Life Regression Therapist & Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist – Certified by International Board of Hypnotherapy) covered all these topics and suggested simple exercises to deal with depression.

To book your appointment with Swasti Shree Sharma, you may call: 7042321200, or visit for more information.


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