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About Astrologer DR. Purnima Sharma Katyayani

How you felt cheated and taken for a ride when you visited a street-smart charlatan behind glossy dress and beads, posing as astrologer, healer or swami. His or her recommendation of expensive stones, tabeez and similar tricks in the name of yagya, havans and pooja left you more confused. Not only you lost your hard-earned money but also felt deprecated. Today when the market is full of greedy and manipulative practitioners of Astrology, who brazenly cheat innocent and gullible people for immoral gains, Dr Purnima Sharma is an honest, highly educated, most experienced and scholarly Vedic Astrologer with credibility. Dr. Purnima Sharma is giving Jyotish consultations for over 30 years now. For many years she wrote Jyotish predictions for different prestigious national newspapers and earned acclaims and appreciations from the readers. Dr. Purnima Sharma has a huge list of highly satisfied Jyotish clients and her predictions are admired for spiritual toning and perfect mantra recommendations to remove hurdles, bring prosperity and success in career.



समस्याएँ जीवन का एक अभिन्न अंग

जिनसे नहीं है कोई अछूता इस जगत में

किन्तु समस्याओं पर विजय प्राप्त करके जो बढ़ता है आगे

नहीं रोक सकती उसे फिर कोई बाधा

हर सन्ध्या अस्त होता है सूर्य

पुनः उदित होने को अगली भोर में

जो दिलाता है विश्वास हमें

कि नहीं है जैसा मेरा उदय और अवसान स्थाई

उसी प्रकार नहीं है कोई सुख अथवा समस्या भी स्थाई


Birds can’t shop

Birds can’t shop – Dr. Dinesh Sharma

I wrote these lines seven years ago when I observed hundreds of parrots descending on my Litchi trees and destroying most of the fruits. This continues even today and I barely get a few fruits to taste and eat…

This parrot I have named Rampage
Steals my Litchi with brazen courage
Then he lands on the top of teak tree
Holding the Litchi in a joyous spree
With all the patience the fruit is peeled off
While I helplessly watch grumble n scoff
Holding the food in his right paw
Biting the pulp with curved lower jaw
He smiles teases and makes my fun
While I shuffle on ground holding fake gun
With his tummy full after juicy breakfast
He spreads his wings to fly in sky vast
But the story continues and is far from over
Soon with his gang he will return to hover
My mother consoles that birds can’t shop
To be able to survive they need to invade such crop…

Dr. Dinesh Sharma

डॉ दिनेश शर्मा

(Dr. Dinesh Sharma is a World famous and widely travelled Ayurvedic Physician, Vastu Consultant and Astrologer with hundreds of highly satisfied clients as well as an accomplished writer…)