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Alvida Depression

Alvida Depression (Full Video)

People often complain that they are depressed, OR they are feeling sad and stressed. It is important to understand depression, anxiety and stress and as well emotions responsible for sadness. It’s also important to differentiate  between all these feelings. Depression may also be the root cause of many types of body pains.

At Life Care Centre, DGF (Delhi Gynecologist Forum) and WOW (Well Being of Women) India organized a workshop to address this issue.

In this video, Swasti Shree Sharma, CMS-CHt FIBH (USA) ( Past Life Regression Therapist & Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist – Certified by International Board of Hypnotherapy) covered all these topics and suggested simple exercises to deal with depression.

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Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

Understanding the Law of Attraction… This video is a part of Alvida (Goodbye) Depression Workshop, organized by DGF (Delhi Gynecologist Forum) and WOW (Well Being of Women) INDIA

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Understanding Depression

Understanding Depression

People often complain that they are sad or they are feeling depress. But first it is important to know that what is the definition of depression… This video is part of Alvida Depression Workshop, organized by DGF (Delhi Gynecologist Forum and WOW (Well Being of Women) India…



Many skills and talents flow from past lives.

I am positive that you may have seen or followed some of the talent shows on television, where small kids perform on stage in front of celebrities? These children are aged between 4 to 14 approximately. I can bet that you often wonder, how these kids are doing such an amazing performance, how they are pushing all the limits through their dancing, singing and acting skills? At times you may become numb with amaze at their incredible talents and performances? The way they sing and dance and act, it appears as if they have been doing such performances since birth! The skill and proficiency with which they perform, even some of the most famous and professional artists fail to achieve in front of live audience.

And when the television hosts ask these little ones that for how long they have been training, their reply is one year… two years… or maximum five years. In addition, they devote many hours in study, homework from schools and tuitions! It makes us wonder that how its possible for someone that young to be living like that? There is a term for such kids. They are called ‘prodigies’. There are hundreds and hundreds examples of child prodigies in every sphere of life

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Swasti S Sharma, CMS-CHt FIBH (USA)

Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist/Past Life Regression Therapist

Certified by International Board of Hypnotherapy



Train your mind to be Positive, Loving & Peaceful through Hypnotherapy

“It is our own mind, not an enemy or foe, that lures us to negative ways.”


When we get angry or upset with people, it is natural to put the blame on them for angering or upsetting us… It feels like the right thing to do since THEY said or did something they shouldn’t have said or done, which filled us with negative emotions such as anger, irritation, sadness, disgust or hatred. THEY are responsible for the way we are feeling. Right? Wrong. It is not what people say or do, rather our REACTION to their words or actions… How we LET those words or actions affect us. It is when we choose to give others the permission to make us feel a certain way, that we feel that way.

As an experiment, the next time when someone says something to hurt you or put you down, take a couple of deep breaths and repeat in your mind “I choose not to get affected by this, I choose to let this go, I choose not to react, I choose to stay calm”… Then smile and walk away. Don’t believe me, try it for yourself. Not only will you feel a lot wiser and stronger for doing that, you will save yourself from getting sucked into this vicious circle of negativity by breaking the chain of negative exchanges, negative feelings and (maybe even) physical reactions.

Remember, you are not what others think you are. When someone calls you stupid, it is usually THEIR interpretation of you – created by their lack of acceptance for what you say or do. Or maybe, to look at it from another perspective, they were only carrying the pain of someone else calling THEM stupid and you just happened to be the receiver of that. Hurt people, hurt people. People who are wounded themselves often times develop the tendency to harm other beings, as a way of let out. Either ways, you are not what others expect, believe, wish or interpret about you to be. When you realize that it becomes so easy to train your mind to positive, loving, humble, peaceful ways. If focusing on and following a negative path can be the decision of your own mind, then it is you who has the power to steer yourself in a positive direction. You just have to make that choice.

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy are great techniques that help you understand and get in touch with the real YOU. And once you know your true positive self, nothing that anyone says has the control over you to anger or upset you in any way. Love, peace, forgiveness, empathy and kindness become the key ingredients of your true divine nature. Give it a try… There’s all to gain. Call +917042321200, Monday to Saturday – 11 AM to 7 PM – to book your session.

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Swasti S Sharma, CMS-CHt FIBH (USA)

Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist / Past Life Regression Therapist

Certified by International Board of Hypnotherapy


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